Vinyl rules!

I’m still wondering how a collection of over 1000 vinyl records ended up in my living room after a trip to Nepal…

As a teenager i always was sniffing trough my fathers vinyl collection.. and there were quite some of them since he used to be a DJ at weddings and parties.
Occasionally he let me finish up the gig when there was only 5 drunk women remaining on the dance floor… and gradually i was allowed to spin het vinyl for sober attendants..
Disco Inferno and Paradise by the dashboard light were hot in those days and his focus was mainly on mainstream music.
I was spending most of my savings on records and while trying to earn some money as a baby-sitter i got introduced to Frank Zappa by one of my favorite employers..
He had 2 separate collections.. one for listening and the others sealed als collectors items, special editions..
I gradually started to build my own little collection with over 400 records of which over 30 % were Zappa Albums..
And when the digital music was introduced into our lives.. i did one of the most regrettable things in my life..
I sold my records on a flea market.. and one guy walked away with ALL my Zappa albums.
These and many other vinyl memories were shared with my host Manner, around his fireplace in the B&B in Pokhara last november.
Manner was a Woodstock fan that had got stranded in Nepal after driving trucks from Germany to Asia over 25 years ago.
He told me about his hidden treasure of over 1000 records, that was sitting untouched in his brothers attic since 25 years..
and his regret that he would most probably never see them again.
The collection reaches from 1959 till late 80 ‘ties with almost complete discographies of the Beatles, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, The Who, Ten Years After, Loudon Wainwright III, Springsteen, The Stones, Van Morisson, Joni Mitchell, Pat Meheny, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, The Doors and other time companions.. no Frank Zappa unfortunately…
The day we left I told him I would be interested in buying the complete collection and most importantly giving it a new cosy home and a real lamp amplifier..
And so it happend that Manner’s brothers was summoned to bring the collection in an overloaded Golf Break to my good friend Pambos’ place in Hamburg where it was transferred into a rental car that mysteriously found it’s way to Blowfield City Limits… stamped as “Birthday gift from a friendboss”..
I have to admit that Kristin was not really enthusiastic when a load of banana boxes was dropped in our living room, joining my humble record collection..
but once we re-discovered the music from our childhood, the bookcase was making room for the precious records where they now sit “happily ever after”..
And from the sight of it they have been treated with love.. since they are all in really MINT condition.. – Thank you Manner! –
and will remain so for the next 25 years..
It’s a dirty job,… in my grandfathers armchair with a single malt whiskey in my hand, by the fireplace…. but someone has to do it!..
and at a rate of 8 hrs a day it will only take 280 days to listen to all of them..
i’m curious how many bottles of single malt that will be?
In the digital age we tend to forget the warmth of the good old fashion vinyl record..
and you have to get up from time to time to flip the record over.. so it’s a good workout!
Vinyl Rules!



If you are in the neighborhood of Nepal..

Just drop by at Manner’s place..

2 reacties op “Vinyl rules!

  1. Amazing story, and I found you googling nepalese record. I am a record collector, and I am from Nepal living and working off Bangkok,Thailand. I will have to find Manner’s place next time I am in Pokahara.
    Happy Listening, Sushil


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