Maandelijks archief: januari 2017

As we are cycling trough the ricefields and villages in the area around Nihn Binh we discover rural life of northern Vietnam. This area is  off the beaten track and curious eyes are popping from behind doors and window; wondering what may have drawn us to their village. An old woman gazes at us as if we are aliens. Banners around the area are showing communist party slogans: “ there is no violence and… Lees Meer

There is a desire in me to explore with the camera in  hand, Random encounters with people, breathtaking landscapes.. Stumbling across events at the precise moment i’m passing by… It’s a mixture between passion and obsession, to try and capture a fleeting moment that encapsulates the soul of that place. As a traveler there is no time to set the scene to wait for the best light or the best weather, to… Lees Meer