Photo courses

Photography courses are given in Dutch… or in French and English on demand.

You will need at least a basic DSLR camera with standard lens, style Nikon D3000, D5000, D7000, D90, D300, D700, D800 series… Or a higher end Compact camera with manual settings like the Fuji XT1, Panasonic Lumix, Sony Alpha…  If you don’t have a DSLR or compact, and are planning to buy one, just join the first evening and you will probably be make a more educated choice ,but you will need one by the time we go in the field. We have some D200, D90 camera’s you can rent or we can arrange for some demo camera’s from our preferred suppliers.

Personally I AM Nikon… , but a Canon does the job just as good…

The courses are very hands – on, you will learn to understand your camera, learn to look instead of see, and you will finally be able to capture the clicks you dreamed about..

Level 1 – The basics of photography.

This Workshop is your first and most important step into the magic world of Photography.

It will be covered in 2 evenings form 18:00 till 21:00  and 1 day in the field from 9:00 till 17:00.

1. The Camera

Our main focus is “The Camera”  you will learn all its most important functions and to use it in Fully Advanced Exposure Mode, (F/Stops, Shutter/Speeds, ISO).  With hands-on experience (70% practice/30% theory) and projects throughout the 2 evenings and 1 day, you will feel in control of your camera and gain a thorough understanding of  “The Triangle of Exposure”.

  • Introduction to Digital Capture
  • Getting to know your Camera (How light is captured & transformed into images)
  • Camera Resolution (Megapixels) and Print Size
  • File Formats (Tiff, Jpg, Raw)
  • Lenses (Focal Lengths, Macro, Prime & Zoom Lenses)
  • Manual and Autofocus (Focusing Points, Autofocus Lock, Single or Continuous Focus)
  • Manual Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speeds, F/Stops and The Light Meter)
  • Metering Modes (Evaluative, Matrix, Spot Metering)
  • Depth of Field (Shallow, Deep, Hyper Focal Distance)

2. Seeing vs looking

In this Photography Workshop we go more in depth in mastering the principles of photography.
You will learn to Craft / Make your Images, rather then just take them, by using Creative Exposures, Composition in depth and the very powerful Elements of Design.You will learn to see rather then just look.

  • Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority and Program Modes
  • Motion (Freezing, Blurring & Panning)
  • Scene Modes
  • Composition (Framing)
  • Elements of Design (Seeing Vs Looking)
  • Lenses and Perspective (the right choice of focal length)
  • People & Places
  • Theme Photography

3. In the field

This is where we take everything into practice.

We go out in the fields for the day, covering basics of nature, portrait and street photography.

Practical info – Level 1

Courses are given in Willebroek – Mechelsesteenweg 303


Here is the link to the next available dates:
Please select all dates that you are available, 2 evenings and 1 full day.

Price: 190 Euro

Maximum group size of 6 people.

Level 2 – Taking it further…

2 days

This workshop takes you further, 2 day in the field from 9:00 till 17:00.

and special focus on a wide variety of skills.

Moving objects, flash photography, long exposures, zoom techniques, landscapes, people, sports, evening photography…

We will spend 2 full days together and visit several locations to train your eye and skills..

Practical info – Level 2

Courses are given in Mechelsesteenweg 303 –  2830 Willebroek

Dates on demand and on appointment with group members.

Price: 290 Euro

Maximum group size of 4 people.

Course only allowed after Level 1 or assessment.

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    • Hoi Danny, ik zou heel graag die cursus voelen bij jou. Ik zou kunnen komen op 11,12 of 13 mei, maar die ganse dag lukt niet omdat wij naar Egypte vertrekken op15 mei. Komt er later misschien nog een “veldslag”
      Groetjes Lut Verheyen van Cunina

      Dikke merci voor uw warme oproep via Faceboek voor Nepal


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